Arrival in New York City

Tuesday, June 28:  Suitcases packed and headed to airport.  My flight left San Antonio at 5:30 a.m.  I hardly slept the night before I was so excited (and nervous too!). Just me and my carry-on . . .

Me and my carry-on







I arrived in New York around 2pm local time after a few hour layover at Chicago Midway airport.  This was the sign out my airplane window as we taxied upon arrival at LaGuardia.

Welcome to New York!














Then it was off to baggage claim to pick up my suitcases and on to the taxi stand to head to my new home for the next few months.  The picture below shows you the front of the taxi line. 

There are a lot of us in the taxi queue.

     What you can’t see (or hear) is the slight little woman yelling directions to all to move here and move there.  She was quite the director. 

     I was so captivated by her yelling I didn’t realize she was pointing at me until she yelled louder for me to move. 

     Well, I moved then. . .  following her out in the middle of the street and 6 taxis down where she pointed at a car and told me to get in. 


As I was moving my luggage back over to the side of the curb she yelled again, and I thought it was at me.  I looked over, tripped over my suitcase, and did a face plant on the passenger side of the taxi.  Fortunately I landed on top of my suitcase so no damage done.


The taxi driver, a sweet older man, came around the side of the cab asking where I went and what was I doing.  By that time, I was up and casually said “oh nothing, just taking it all in sir”.  Only I can show my true style so quickly!

My taxi driver








I did not get his name, but he’s been driving for 45 years, and is now pushing 70 years old.  He has no plans to retire and says he works a full day (7am to 8pm) and then takes a day off so he can keep up with his wife’s “honey-do” list!  I arrived safe and sound and was well entertained along the way.

My New Home

The Webster Apartments will be my home for the next three (3) months.  It’s a beautiful old building and serves as a women only residence.  Because the building has been sold (and everyone must be moved out by December 31, 2022), they are only taking females doing temporary internships, college classes, or special work assignments.  However, prior to the sale, some of the residents have lived here for as long as 3-5 years.  One lady I met has been here 4 years and she really does not want to leave.  She works in Manhattan and says it is all the space she needs.  She’s a native and advised me the true natives of New York do not need much space as they spend little time inside.

I even have my own sink.

By the way, the phone on the wall does not work!  Lol.


Small but so adequate!







That’s it for arrival and my new home.  Tomorrow I will be up and exploring.  I’m going to the Metro office to get my senior Metro pass.  Yeah me! And boy do I have more stories to tell.  

Have a great evening and I’ll share more about my experiences in the next post. Here’s a teaser – Day #2 included walking over 19,000 steps!