Moving on to Week Two!

This past week was my first FULL week of work at Liberty Island.  Tuesday, July 5 through Saturday, July 9 found my routine much more settled and I was much more in sync with the city and my travels.  Each day the schedule changes and your order of stations is never the same.  This uniqueness keeps energy levels high and the days go by so fast!

By Friday this past week I was settled in to the routine and my travel to and from Liberty Island gets easier each day.  There will be more stories in the weeks to come I’m sure.  For now, I’m just pleased to be finding my groove.  

Thought you might like some pictures of the Ferries.  First we have the New Jersey Ferry arriving from Liberty State Park.  Each Ferry can carry approximately 800 passengers each.  The Ferries operate approximately every 30 minutes!  That’s a lot of people being moved.

The New Jersey Ferry



The New York Ferry
Rolling up to the Dock

I did some fun things this past weekend on my days off. My friends, Skip & Ginny Thomas, who live in New Jersey came to have lunch and visit. Ginny’s father was a New Jersey police officer and she knows the area well. They rode here on the train and spent the afternoon. It was such a treat! We had lunch and then walked to areas I had not seen before. We visited the Moynihan Train Hall where the New York trains run. It’s a beautiful hall and houses Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road. It has been a visionary project – a generation in the making – Moynihan Train Hall is the city’s newest grand civic icon. The $1.6 billion project transforms the 100+ year-old James A. Farley Post Office Building into a modern, world-class transit hub – an idea first proposed by the late United States Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan more than a quarter-century ago. So beautiful and so interesting. We didn’t quite make it to the Chelsea Market but I ended up going there today. Lots of arts and craft markets, clothing shops, and eateries. Had the best fish tacos ever for lunch. Thanks Skip & Ginny for making my weekend!

A few random pictures below to keep you abreast of family stuff!

7th from the left is Michaela Jenkins (Melissa’s youngest)
Skiing time for Michaela and Thomas in Michigan. Fifth pair from the left is Thomas Jenkins (Melissa’s middle son) and his sister Alexandra.
Family picture of Jennifer & Ceasar and all the kids. From L to R Maya, Reid, Jack, Jennifer, Ceasar, Jack, and Marisol.

Remember to keep me up to date with your life and happenings. You can email me at anytime. I’d love hearing from you. Take care and stay safe!

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