Taking it all in . . .


LIFE IN GENERAL – Things are winding down for me as I have just 3 weeks left here.  Today I spent my morning deciding what places were a must see and do before leaving.  There is more to see and do than I have time for and that’s so sad!  It’s funny how it felt I had loads of time to do things my first month.  Then, the middle lull came and I didn’t do anything for a week or two.  Now, it is my final weeks and it is flying by.  My list is longer than my time left.  I am going to have to really focus to get it all in before I leave! 

LIBERTY ISLAND – Visitors were sporadic this week with slow days and busy days.  We had rain the first part of the week which slowed things down a bit.  Here’s a picture from last Tuesday from Battery Park looking out at Liberty compared to one the following day of a cruise ship passing through.  

It was a rainy and foggy morning on Tuesday September 6, 2022.
Cruise ship coming through New York.










By Friday, visitation was back up to good numbers and Friday and Saturday this week was busy busy busy.  

We learned this week that Supervisor Suzanne McCoy has decided to retire at the end of 2022.  What a bittersweet moment as everyone, while happy for her, are sad for ourselves.  She is one of the best and will be missed here at Liberty Island.

9-11 ANNIVERSARY – As you might imagine, the 9-11anniversary is full of remembrance events.  I’ve met several people who experienced that day first-hand.   I know we all remember 9-11 with great sadness.   I now also know our experience from afar pales in comparison to those here.  My heart goes out to New York and all those who experienced the events of that day first-hand.   We will never forget!  There were many recognition events but I elected not to take any pictures as it just didn’t seem right to do so.

ELLIS ISLAND – I am still hoping to get on one of the hard hat tours of the Ellis Island buildings not open to the public.    

VOLUNTEER HOURS – Volunteer hours for my term here will be approximately 543 hours.  I feel GREAT about that and the opportunity to give back.  And, I look forward to continuing my local volunteer work at San Antonio Missions when I return home. Look out SAAN, I’m coming back soon!  

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park | Texas Time Travel

CHURCH – I attended Trinity Episcopal Wall Street this week once again, but at a later service.  The 11:15 a.m. service was traditional and beautiful!   If I lived here full-time this would by my church for sure. 

MAIL –  Thanks for the mail this week.  Melissa and my Aunt Jane never forget – – – I get a card from each of them every week!  I also received a surprise letter from my friend Katie.  You’re the best!  And the phone calls and texts – – – I love them too.  For my prayerful friends, please keep my brother (Mickey) in your prayers.  He will be having heart surgery on September 23!  

I wish all of you a wonderful week.  I’ll be traveling Saturday this week to visit Thomas at college (Rensselaer Polytechnic).  I will take some pictures and they’ll be in my next post.

Be safe and stay well. And please forgive any typos or grammatical errors.

Hugs to all,