The salmon are coming . . .

It’s been an exciting week as we watch every day for the salmon to arrive in the river.  The rangers have reported they are at the mouth of the river and headed downstream. We should begin to see them any day. It must be quite a site as “Have the salmon arrived?” is the second most asked question. First is “Where are the restrooms?” and I can answer that one in my sleep, with conviction!

Here are some pictures of the Indian River . . .

Upstream Indiana River
Indian River
Downstream on the Indian River. A view from the Historical Park River Bridge.

This week has taken on a normal look. It rained 5 of the 7 days, and Tuesday and Wednesday were sunny and gorgeous. No one seems to mind the rain. Even the visitors seem so taken with the beauty that it hasn’t stressed them out at all.

Cappie & I took the Medvejie Hatchery Tour. This is one of the local salmon hatcheries. The king salmon are returning now and they are really jumping. I tried to get a picture of one in the air but I wasn’t fast enough.  I’d aim right and they would jump on my left.  I appeared like a crazy woman swinging my camera left and right and faster and faster.  A nice man walked by and mumbled “try taking a video dear” .  .  .  aw, the obvious things we miss!   The Hatchery provided lunch and they cooked salmon and baked potatoes on the open fire. Yum! It was a great morning of learning and eating.

Arriving Hatchery
Arriving at Medvejie Hatchery.
Cappie at Hatchery
Cappie awaiting our fabulous lunch!
Mara Lunch at Hatchery
Mara at the Medvejie Hatchery
Our Lunch at Htchery
Our cooks!
Nursery Tanks at Hatchery
Nursery Tanks (our terms) for all the baby salmon. They stay inside for a year before being tagged and sent out into the world.
Thousands of babies in these tanks
Here’s a closer look at ALL the babies!


View from the back of the boat
Left the hatchery and headed home. A very rainy day but a great ride and the clouds hanging over the mountains is just breathtaking.

Work has taken on a little more intensity in preparing for inventory and end of month. I’m enjoying it.  It’s great to be able to do things that are productive while having such a great time.  My hope is to write some good operation procedures for the crew that will man the store throughout the off season.

Pano view inside VC
A panoramic view from inside the visitor center. The windows look sea side.


The volunteers had a get together for a potluck Mexican dinner last Friday. That was quite fun and we enjoyed a variety of food. While 90% of the volunteers are young (early 20’s), they make a place for Cappie and me and treat us so well. They even bought Corona beer just for me.

Mexican dinner at James' house _ Shelby with Teach America in Texas
Shelby from Texas. Great teacher with Teach America on the Texas border of Mexico.
James' and his pina colata
James from England. He is definitely the party planner, always arranging get togethers. His parents arrive this coming week for a visit and it will be a real treat to meet them.


We’ve had a great time watching chick flicks this week thanks to Laura’s (or LB as she goes by) brought a stash of them.  We’ve watched New in Town with Renee Zellweger (so funny!); It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep (again, a funny one), and The Longest Ride with Scott Eastwood (a tear jerker).  Made for a great week!!!  Thanks LB!

Took some photos during a walk in the park on the trails.  Thought you might enjoy some greenery!

a walk in the park 6
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
a walk in the park 7
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
a walk in the park 5
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
a walk in the park 3
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
A walk in the park
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
a walk in the park 8
Sitka National Historical Park Trail
a walk in the park 9
Sitka National Historical Park Trail – trees appear to be growing above ground.
a walk in the park 4
Sitka National Historical Park Trail


Hope you enjoyed your walk through the park.  Now how about some ocean views!

Sunny Sitka 4
A sunny day in the park. The water looks like it was covered in diamonds. Beautiful!
Sunny Day in Sitka
Another shot on the same day.

On my off day last week I met a young girl and her dog Tango.  She and her brothers have written 3 children’s books about their adventures.  Tango’s 8 years old and a fabulous guy.  I sent Mike & Tom her books so ask them to take a look if you see them.  Pretty awesome little girl and her dog! (her mom too).

Book Author 2
Tango, with Grace and Grace’s mother, Tracie Harang. They wrote Sitka Tango Explores the Causeway.


My last little side adventure this week was volunteering at the Bishop See’s House for a couple hours.  This house was the built for the first episcopal bishop in Alaska, Bishop See.  It’s called the “See House”.  Was built in 1901.  Ann, a local who moved her in the 80’s from Houston, runs the Tea Service.  The living room is set up with tables, complete with linens, a silver tea service, etc.  They serve Tea and scones (along with coffee and a few cookies.)  It’s a comfortable place for visitors to rest.  Attendance has been sporadic but we had 20 people stop by while I was there for just a couple hours.  I enjoyed the time immensely!


Bishops Tea House Sign
The sign that welcomes visitors to the Bishop’s Tea.
Ann and the Bishops Tea
Ann who runs the Tea house. Check out the beautiful linens.


St. Peter's Church, view from the Bishop See's House
The view from the Bishop’s House window. It sits just behind the church. Isn’t the back of the church beautiful!
Dog in back of car at See House
Can you see the dog sitting in the back? The hatchback is up. He’s not on a leash or anything. He just sits and watches. It is pouring rain outside.

I leave you today with the picture of the dog.  He sat so patiently in the back of this small car.  No leash at all.  He just sat there and watched the people.  I am amazed at all the dogs and how well behaved they are.  They walk with their owners and they stay in backs of pick-up trucks parked for hours at a time.  You can talk to them, pet them, etc. and they never try and leave.  I think they were sent here for me!!!!!

Be well.  Love to all,