A gift from my Holy Family . . .

My church in Indiana has a college ministry. A group gets together and writes notes of encouragement and love to these college students. These care packages are a great way to not only stay in touch with our students who are away at college, but with any one of our family who is away for one reason or another.

Often we do not hear the effect of these care packages. Did this “note” from home give them a boost of confidence for the day knowing that they are loved and missed? Was this just the boost of confidence they needed to master the day or week? Or maybe they felt a little down and receiving this was just the boost they needed to give them the courage to move on.

Today I received a ‘care’ package from these folks and I want to tell you the effects it had on me. I’ve been away just a couple months and I’m certainly not a young college student. In fact, I’m quite ‘seasoned’ and I’ve seen a few storms in my life. I’ve learned that I have to pick myself up on those down days when you are far away from family and friends. I have to get out and “do” something. I have to make an effort to meet new people, try new things, and laugh at myself when one or the other doesn’t work out as I planned. Sounds easy I know but it’s not. Even when it is my choice to be away, I still miss my family and friends. I miss their love and encouragement.   I miss them laughing with me (as I know they are never laughing at me) when I try new things and falter. Unconditional love and support is nothing to take for granted and something that we miss terribly when we are away. It’s also something that we can’t replace instantly.

So, to those of you at home, who took the time to send this ‘seasoned’ lady in Alaska a care package from home, THANK YOU! I’ve read your notes over and over. They make me feel loved, missed and unconditionally loved. It is a priceless gift of encouragement and love.

HFEC Cares
All my notes of love and encouragement along with a beautiful pen and post it notes and my favorite candies – Necco Wafers and Snickers!!!

P. S.  I know we live in an age of technology where emails and texts have taken over the old ways of handwritten notes mailed in the US Mail!  Rest assured, all of those emails and texts are fabulous and loved. But there is something so special about a piece of paper you can hold and touch and read over and over. What a treat! Trust me when I say that the college kids (of all ages) love them!