Birthday celebration in Sitka

This week I celebrated my birthday and was treated to so many kind deeds.  So many cards, from near and afar.  So many kind words.  Great conversation over dinner and birthday cake.  It was certainly a birthday I will remember fondly.

My birthday morning began with streamers on my door (Thank you Amanda!)
Wine and Friends
Food and Conversation and some more work on the difficult puzzle.
Amanda’s famous Dump Cake make a great Birthday cake. Loved it!

From beginning to end it was a FABULOUS birthday.

With only two weeks left here I’ve been staying busy at work.  In addition, I have another new housemate who arrived this past Wednesday.  We’ve had fun this week, especially once I learned  that none of the three had seen the ROCKY movies.  We are in the midst of a ROCKY marathon!  What fun.  We have laughed AND cried.

This little 500 piece puzzle has kicked our butts! The pieces are NOT interlocking and there appears to be duplicate pieces.
After 5 weeks and multiple people it is done. Yes, there was a duplicate piece!


This puzzle was THE most difficult puzzle I think I have ever done.  Thanks to Aunt Jane for supplying hours of frustration as we worked on this.  She managed to keep us busy for over 5 weeks with a little 500 piece puzzle!  My sweet young house mate Amanda may never do another puzzle.  Ha! And I guarantee she will never do one without thinking of this one.

Sunny day Slide. These kids were having so much fun.

We had sunshine on Friday after many days of rain and clouds.  It was glorious and with temperatures in the low 60’s it brought out some summer fun among the locals.

Their laughter was infectious!

One remaining picture this week that was a must share.  I was sitting in the library on this glorious sunny day and looked up to see a sailboat with the sail up.  We don’t see that too often in the sound.   In fact, I’ve never seen a sailboat with the sail up!  Had to take this picture and even from inside the building it is a glorious picture!  I hope you enjoy this one.

Sailboat in Sitka Sound

Last for the week is a short video of my friendly Raven who greets me each morning as I walk to the post office.  He sits on this perch and makes his call to mimic a dog barking.  Enjoy.