Busy Days . . .

We’ve been busy this week with the largest visitor day of the year on Thursday.  . Over 5,500 visitors were on the island from 3 cruise ships. Our tours were constant and packed to maximum capacity at both park locations.  Two of the ships anchored in the harbor where we could easily see them.  The 3rd ship anchored at the Ferry Dock about 6 miles outside of town and bussed in to town.  Here’s a picture of one of the ships parked at Centennial Harbor in town.

Amazing how close the ship was to shore. Tells you just how deep the water is! The small boat is one of the tinders that take passengers from ship to shore for their excursions.

Last week the garden was tilled and made ready for the local kindergarteners to come and plant.  Each year they plant the garden in May, Rangers and staff weed and water it throughout the summer, and they return as first graders to harvest it in late September.  The vegetables they harvest are taken back to school where they prepare a stew for feasting.  They plant the things that would have been planted in the 1800s such as peas, carrots, onions, potatoes, beets, kale, and rhubarb continues to grow as well.

A view of the garden.
Another view of the Russian Bishop House garden just before it was tilled for planting.

After they planted on Monday, I came in to work Tuesday morning to find the ravens had pulled the onions and a few potato plants.  Those ornery guys didn’t hurt them, they just pulled them out and left them!  Ravens are so smart.

The ravens pulled the onions.
And some potato plants too.

I now have a house mate!  Yes.  I was beginning to feel a bit lonely.  Amanda Kemp arrived on Wednesday evening.  She will be a senior at Eureka College, Eureka, IL and will serve the park here as an education resource for the story time program.  Watch for more news about her and a picture or two next week.

Thanks to my Aunt Jane and others as well I’ve managed to not lose one pound while here.  Take a look at this box of goodies that arrived this week.

Goodies – and more Goodies!

I only have one video this week that I captured while walking the totem park trail.  Hope you enjoy the birds and, of course, the view.

Listen to the birds

I did get a chance to stop and tour the local Lutheran church that was established in the 1800’s as well.  A lot of the builders and craftsman that were brought here by the Russians were Finnish and so they built a Lutheran church here as well.  It is a very pretty church and you can clearly see the clean sleek simple lines of their design.  I love the altar pieces.

Lutheran church alter
Doesn’t this look just like it came off the bow of a ship?

Well, that’s the end of my news for the week.  I hope you have had a good one as well.  Be safe.