Finding a rhythm in Sitka . . .

July 9, 2015

The pace here is slowing some and while not quite ‘routine’ yet, things are beginning to fall into a nice rhythm. Since my days off are Thursday and Friday my week really begins on Saturday for blog purposes. And this week started feeling a little under the weather. For our July 4th celebration the ‘british guy’ had a cookout so he could learn about the American celebration traditions of the 4th of July. It was a wonderful opportunity to get better acquainted with fellow volunteers and I thank James for all the initiative he takes to make these get-togethers happen. Some folks brought their dogs too.  You can just imagine how happy I was to find two new friend . . . Ariel and Lady . . . pit bulls belonging to one of the rangers.

Unfortunately, later than evening I became a little under the weather. Not sure if it was the beer I drank or just a touch of a flu bug but it certainly made for a long night. The good news was that by 8 a.m. I was better and by 10 I was at work and all was right with the world again.


I’m on my own now at the “bookstore” and while a few mishaps have occurred, they were small and all has been good. There were over 2000 visitors to the park on Tuesday and Wednesday this week – – – ships were in. The weather was varied, a couple days of sunshine and high 60’s and a few days of cloud and rain, still in the 60’s though.  Here’s a snapshot of myself in uniform.  Don’t I look like I know what I am doing! (Looks can be deceiving you know.)



The park provides a couple cars that we can sign out and drive if we need to do anything work related.  The fun one is the “bubble car” (an electric car).  Can’t wait to tool around in it one day soon.



On Tuesday this week Holland America’s largest cruise ship came in to a rainy and  on a foggy day.  It  anchored closer than any cruise ship I had seen so far.  It’s also the largest cruise ship running.

IMG_0122 (1)








You’ll notice the mountains you normally see on a clear are hidden by the fog.  Here’s a picture of the same area from a sunnier day this week.









This week I joined along with the St. Peter’s spiritual walkers in the national park. It’s on Monday evenings and is a time of spiritual reflection and reading. The group was varied and it included a Native American who played the flute. It was so inspiring. The ocean water would lap the rocks as we read the scripture, eagles flew overhead, and it was as if all the nature around us could speak. Amazing experience.  Needless to say, I’ll be doing this on Monday evenings from now on . .  Here are a few pictures from inside the park.



IMG_0099IMG_0112 (1)






The totem poles are inside the National Park.  There’s a lot to learn about them and that’s my current week’s agenda – – – learning about the types of significance of them.  They all tell a story.

The Sitka Fine Arts Camp faculty music performance was later on Monday evening. I knew the camp was here but have not had time to read much about it.  However, I’m checking out their schedule now at the library as this is an incredible camp.  Artists of all sorts come from all over to attend.  And the faculty is also a group of well seasoned and talented performers.  It was like watching the best of the best perform in a casual and relaxed setting. I’ve never heard the cello or clarinet played so well. And the pianist . . . just WOW! I’ll definitely be attending more of these.  And it’s all free to attend.  What a deal.

BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK  . . . the Salmon are on their way!  A boyfriend of one of the volunteers is working as a fisherman and he reported their catch increased  from 150 a day to over 4000 per day this Tuesday.  Hence, the salmon are coming.  Here’s a picture of the Indian River where they will arrive to spawn in just a few weeks.

IMG_0104The week has been full of time spent getting better acquainted, walking and taking in the sights, enjoying the rain, etc. It went by in a blur and I can only anticipate the joy the next week will bring.

I’m scheduled to go kayaking tomorrow with the Sitka Seniors in Silver Bay.  That should bring a story or two.  They say we will possibly see some sea otters.  I’ve also heard that these sea otters weigh up to 90 lbs and can easily turn over a kayak.  Hmmm.  Me, a sea otter, and a kayak sounds like a recipe for a dip in the ocean!!  Will keep you posted.

In case of bear shoot

As a final note – – these items remain on the front porch . . . in case of bear!  One to make noise and the other (a toy gun) that will make a popping sound.  Was also told to sing as you walk to let the bears know you are there.  So, as I leave the house and walk down the path, I sing, “Hi Bear, How are you today.  Hope you are having a good day.”  Have a great week and be sure to keep your bears at bay.

Peace & Blessings to all.