Grocery Shopping at Sea Mart . . .

Well, this week Cappie and I ventured to Sea Mart Grocery by bus.  It’s $1.00 for seniors and we thought we’d find some better pricing there.  And we did, but . . . things are still a bit pricey.  We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the pricing.  We ended up getting a cab home as our purchases overshadowed our physical ability to carry them onto the bus and the 2 block walk at the end of the bus line to our house.  It was a fun day!

The big grocery_Sea Mart
The “big” grocery!
Raisins at Grocery
Raisins – $8.29 for 2 lbs.
Pricing at Grocery1
Bell Peppers – on sale for $1.69 lb. Note celery is $2.39
Pricing at Grocery
White peaches – $3.29 lb.
Pricing at Grocery 2
Trail Mix – 4lb. $18.99
Cappie's groceries
our groceries – – we overshot our capabilities to carry and walk
Grocery Shopping
Another bag of groceries that was outside the cart!