It’s almost time to leave . . . Gus goes to his favorite home away from home!

June 23, 2015

Gus and Mara_06232015Today I took Gus to his favorite place, First Friend K9 for a short 3 day stay until Melissa can pick him up. As most of you know, I love  this guy and it is always hard to say goodbye to him.

He is the essence of unconditional love as he never fails to stand beside me; listen attentively to my every word; trust me; never judge; keep my deepest secrets, and snuggle for as long as I want.

My granddaughter, Michaela, will care for him while I’m gone (with the help of her mom, Melissa). She will make sure he has food before he realizes it’s time for dinner, play with him each day, and make certain he gets all the snuggles he needs. What a blessing to have such a good girl to care for him. He sure loves her and her brothers as well as her mom and step-dad Robert.

On a side note for any of my friends who live near Fishers, I want to let you know how wonderful everyone is at First Friend K9. They take great care of Gus when he is there and every single one of their employees takes his care personally. I am blessed to have found them for training and extended care. Thanks to Bruce, Debbie, Paula, Melissa, Kyle, Rafael, Hailee, Ashley, Kelsi . . . too many to name!

Thanks First Friend K9 for always being there for us!