It’s been awhile . . .

June 10, 2017

It’s been a while since we last “talked” via blog.  Normally, you folks are my Saturday conversation each week but I was distracted last week.  Reid and Jennifer came to visit and we had a fabulous time!  Allow me to tell you all about our time together.

The week leading up to Jen & Reid’s arrival was full of anxiety and expectation.  I could hardly wait to see them.  They arrived Friday afternoon and we made a quick stop at the hotel to check in.

Jen and Reid looking good.

Our first adventure was to the Fortress of the Bear where I had scheduled a “meet and greet” with Balloo, the largest of the brown bears at the Fortress.  We were able to see and learn about all the bears but the highlight was getting to actual feed Balloo.

The bears just chilling on a summer day!  Check out those claws… oh my . . .
Reid feeding Balloo.
Jen feeding Balloo
Balloo just enjoying himself. Looks like he needs a beer and a remote for the tv!
They have 3 black bears which are quite a bit smaller than the brown bears.
Brown bear
The light color is from his heavier winter coat. He will shed the light and become a much darker brown bear.

The Raptor Center was another highlighted stop.  What a beautiful place where they can provide the right healing care to help these birds return to flight whenever possible.  We were able to see a red tailed hawk as part of their interpretive program.

Raptor Center’s Red Tailed Hawk

Thanks to daughter Melissa I received a care package that included all the makings for an wonderful dinner of pasta and sauces.  All we needed was the lettuce and bread.  And we had enough to invite the rangers over to join us.  What a really great evening we had.

Dinner with all thanks to a great care package from Melissa.

Saturday we spent walking in the park and enjoying the day.  It rained of course but then what would you expect from the rain forest!  Sunday we began early on a boat cruise with Davey & the Esther G Sea Taxi.  I used him two years ago when Melissa and the kids were here.  He is just wonderful, passionate, insightful, and made for a really great 4 hours out on the ocean.  And, yes, we saw a whale! along with sea lions, sea otters, and much more.

The Esther G. Sea Taxi
Davey Lubin, captain of the Esther G. Sea Taxi.
Amanda, my housemate, joined us on the outing. She is delightful!
Ranger Kyle came along as well.
Here we are. From left to right, Ranger Kyle, Amanda, Ranger Cindy, Reid, Jen and Mara.

Things we saw from the water!

Check out these eagles.
Sea Lions.

Things I did not get a picture of were the sea otters and the humpback whale.  I was too busy looking and forgot to take the picture!  But I was able to get this picture and it’s my favorite of all.

My favorite picture – Reid and I out on the ocean!


The kids left on Tuesday morning and I went straight to work from there.  Seems like the week has flown by and I’ve only 26 days left here.  I’m so glad I came and I am so ready to go home.  Can’t wait to see the rest of the kids and Gus.

Today starts the Sitka Fine Arts Music Festival and I have tickets for several concerts, the first of which is tonight.  So I will cut today’s blog short for now.  Hopefully I’ll have more words for you next week.

Love & Blessings to all,