Nothing like the perspective of a Grandson . . .

Visiting with Jennifer and the boys:

I’m in Dallas now, spending a couple weeks with daughter Jen and the boys before heading home to Indiana.   Grant, who is 17, is not around the house much. He has his landscape and car wash business and between his school, business and time with his friends 4-wheeling, there is little time left for Grammy. Sounds perfectly normal to me.   Oh to be 17 again!

Reid, at 13, is at that in-between stage . . . too young to be on his own (driving) and too old to really want to spend lots of time with Grammy. The good news is he needs me to get about when his mom is gone so I become very important. And I’ll take “important” any way I can get it!

Reid_Blog 10.9.15
Reid is a real comedian at times!

The twins on the other hand are all about needs. They have been so much fun to watch and interact with and they love riding the bus for school every day. They are full of energy and a healthy dose of 8-year-old boy orneriness. They are definitely keeping me on my toes as well as literally falling into bed after a full day with them.

The funniest story over the past few days has involved Reid. Jennfer was away for a girls’ weekend get-away with her friend, Tricia, this past weekend. Reid had a scout camp that began on Saturday morning, lasted overnight, and would end Sunday.  He called at 10:00 a.m. to say they had returned. I loaded up the twins and off we went to pick him up.

Now I should explain the meaning of “loading” up the car with the twins. First of all mornings are busy here.   From the time they awake we have a good hour of things to do involving daily hygiene and grooming, eating breakfast, taking meds, and general preparations for the day. When that’s done I sit down for a moment, throw my head back, and let go of a big healthy sigh. I made it!

On Sunday they slept in a little later than usual so when Reid called to say he was back I had not showered yet and was, in fact, still in pajamas!   I said to myself, “oh well”, and began our journey to get into the car. This requires a bit of patience as the boys have really grown and I can no long carry them. So with assistance we “walk” to the van where they get themselves into their car seats. Moving as fast as I can we are now “loaded” and backing out of the driveway at 10:20.

Twins doing the worm
The twins love doing “the worm” down the hallway on the way to the back door for getting in the car.
Twins in car
We made it to the car and off we go.

The drive to the church is just 10 minutes. I pull in and go to my usual pick up point but no one is there. I wait a few minutes and then pull out into the circle drive, which takes me around the parking lot to some of the other buildings. Finally, after not seeing Reid I text him asking, “where are you?” Then with no answer I call and say, “Where are you?” His reply leaves me laughing hysterically.

“Grammy” he says, “please stop the car and stay still. I’ve been chasing you all over the church grounds and I can’t catch you!” I look out and say “Where?” He replies laughing, “BEHIND YOU.  JUST STOP THE CAR!” Oh I love this boy!!

Until next time . . . .