Life Continues in NYC as I learn more and more along the way . . .

EMBARRASSING REALITIES – Thank goodness there have been none this week.  However, there has been a little residual effect from last week’s fall.  Apparently, I fell harder than I thought and ended up with a large bruise down my shin.  It got painful enough that by Thursday evening I knew I needed to take a day or two off to rest.  I called in sick on Friday and went to urgent care (something I wasn’t counting on during this New York experience!).

I found a newly opened urgent care location just one block away from my room and they were great.  Super friendly people, kind and considerate, and very thorough.  The doctor didn’t look older than 18 but she knew her stuff.  Good news, nothing more than a deep bruise for which rest, elevation and ice should repair in 2-4 days.

I’m on my fourth day in my very small room, finding ways to elevate the leg (suitcases work great), and using a zip lock bag full of ice for icing.  Watching old movies and reading to fill the hours and it is beginning to look and feel better.  I went on a ‘test-walk’ this afternoon and while it still swells some the pain is pretty much gone.  An ace bandage wrap is doing the trick and I plan on returning to work tomorrow. 

Feels so much worse than it looks! This was last Friday at Urgent Care.


Urgent Care facility


BROOKLYN – Last Monday I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Walking across wasn’t a problem.  The problem was finding the entrance to get on it!  Between construction and a very remote, somewhat hidden entrance I walked by twice before stopping to ask policeman and street worker to help me find it.  

The stairway up to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Everywhere I go seems to have multi flights of steps to climb!














Walking along the bridge. As you can tell it was a fine misty rain all day.
The car lanes are below and to my right as I cross the bridge.
Really foggy so I did not get good pictures of the New York and New Jersey coastlines.
Plaques recognizing the bridge and its builders.

















Also, in case you did not know this, ETSY is headquartered in Brooklyn!







FOOD – Once I arrived in Brooklyn I stopped for lunch at a Bistro where I had the best burger and fries ever!   Only $30 and I didn’t mind.  It was really good!

Brooklyn Bistro







And just for grins . . . I thought Brooklyn had some lovely green grass!













Spotted Lanternfly – This invasive species is a threat to trees, plants, etc.  It excretes a gross residue that can turn to mold and leaves a sticky substance which becomes slipper when stepped upon.  Plus, they stink!  We are asked to kill them when possible and there is a ranger contest going on at Liberty to see who kills the most!  Take a look at one below:

Spotted Lanternfly






CHURCH: I was a Youtube attendee again today at my home church this week.  So glad they are online as my need for rest and elevation required online church yesterday.  

LADY LIBERTY – This past week I was able to rove inside the pedestal on my own and learned even more about this wonderful monument.  Did you know:

  • Liberty is 305 feet tall and weighs 225 tons.
  • The water around the statue is 62 feet deep.
  • Visitors could actually walk up all the way to the torch until July 30, 1916.
  • Lightning strikes the torch an average of 600 times each year.
  • It is 215 steps to the pedestal and an additional 592 steps to the crown.

ELLIS ISLAND – This week I will add a new adventure as I begin spending Thursdays on Ellis Island.  I am really looking forward to this and the chance to learn more about the Immigration Museum and Research Library.  I’ll be taking a hard had tour of the island this week or next, not sure yet.

WEATHER – Today is HOT HOT HOT and HUMID HUMID HUMID!  A little rain yesterday just added steam to the mix.   This past week was another hot and humid one.   Expectations are for rain to follow me this week through Thursday with highs in the 90’s, and high humidity levels.   I really am looking forward to September and some cooler weather with much lower humidity levels.

MAIL – I’m giving a huge shout out to my Aunt Jane for the crossword puzzle books she sent.  I got them today and am really enjoying the break to work the old brain!  What a great idea!  Thanks Jane.

Hugs and love coming your way,  Mara