My first month in New York comes to a close.

EMBARRASSING REALITIES – This week’s classic funny involves a simple Friday morning walk.  Nothing new this day in it’s beginning.  I stopped for my Friday morning Starbucks treat which has become my reward for the week . . . Strawberry Açaí lemonade. Yum!  With that in hand I walked on with a spring in my step. Three blocks later I greeted my morning security cop, quick chat and moved on. With my subway entrance in sight I tripped, face planted on sidewalk, bye bye Strawberry Açaí, scuffed my chin and put a few skid marks on my lovely white volunteer shirt.   Two people checked on me but I quickly uprighted myself, brushed off the pink liquid, assessed the damage to my shirt (great scotch guarding as it rolled right off) and moved on. GRACE, it has never followed me around!

You may wonder why I tell you these embarrassing moments on myself.  And they are embarrassing.  But, more importantly, we are all not blessed with the same degree of grace and some of us stumble more than others.  However, laughing at ourselves in good spirit is probably the closest we come to accepting our flaws and embracing ourselves in love.  Laugh away my friends because I know you love me and support me always.

See the skid marks?











FOOD – Not a lot new in this area this week although I did have Saturday night dinner at Hudson Yards Grill, an American restaurant featuring refined classics.  The ambiance was wonderful and I enjoyed a delighted shrimp pesto pasta which had a bit of a kick that I didn’t expect.  It was expensive and delicious!   



CHURCH: Via Youtube I was able to attend my home church, St. Thomas Episcopal in San Antonio.  I slept in a little this morning and decided to partake from home.  It was a wonderful change of pace. 

LETTERS FROM FRIENDS – A big shout out to Jennifer, Luke & Jack for sending me old fashion photographs of them which I can post on my mirror and see every day.  I love it

LADY LIBERTY – This past week I was able to go into the Pedestal of Liberty for some training.  There was so much I did NOT know.  Special Thanks to Ranger Kelsey for her wonderful interpretation and for being patient as I took notes and prepared my mind for answering the questions that will come while working inside.  One of my new assignments will be to rove inside the pedestal, answering questions, maintaining order, and helping folks to get the most of what they are seeing while inside.

The Pedestal base is the dark color. People can climb up 215 steps to walk around the top of the pedestal, just under Lady Liberty.








Inside the pedestal and the beginning of the journey’s climb.









The original torch as it now stands in the new museum.











LOTTERY NEWS – Well, I’m sure you all know we had a ‘billion’ dollar lottery this week and there was no way I was missing out on buying a $2 ticket.  Mega Millions lotto reached $1 Billion plus! I could NOT resist a purchase at this level?  For $2, I had to at least try. 

The adventure began with finding out where to buy a lottery ticket near me.  The rangers tell me you can buy them in convenience or ‘candy’ stores.  Now there are no convenience stores on 34th Street in my section of New York.  And so I ask the security guard where I live where to buy a ticket.  He tells me there is a ‘candy’ store a few blocks down on 9th Avenue.  A ‘candy’ store is where they sell cigarettes, periodical newspapers, and, of course, candy, and not sure what else exactly.  Not at all what I expected!

It is around 8:00 pm as I’m walking there on a Thursday evening and I notice there is one particular homeless man who is acting very strange.  He is clearly reacting to something he has taken or having an episode of some sort as his body is moving is these strange ways and he is looking for money, asking every one he sees.  I simply walk on by and make no eye contact with him although I know that he needs help (just not likely the kind he is looking for.). I walk past him and go one more block before walking in the ‘candy’ store.  It is a small cramped space, very narrow.  I ask if they have lottery tickets and they do and I purchase a $2 quick pick for the mega millions lottery.  Before he rings my purchase up he quickly moved around the counter to place himself in front of me and tells a man who just walked in to get out.  I look up and it’s the homeless guy.  He is pointing at me and saying “she will help me with money,” “give me the money”, etc.  The clerk tells him to get out again and stays firmly planted between us.  I’m not frightened and I’m not giving him money.  He continues pressing the issue that I will help him.  Finally, I look at him and with my stern Mom voice say “No, I won’t help you.”  He then turns and leaves.  The store clerk apologizes, completes my purchase and I leave.  I remained vigil on the way home to make certain our paths did not cross again.  He was nowhere in sight.  Now that was an interesting evening!  Just in case you wondered, no winning ticket for me.

Not much in the way of pictures this week.  Will try and do better next week!

Hugs and love coming your way,  Mara