Missing mom and dad on their birthdays . . .


Today is my Mom’s birthday.  She was born in 1918 and would have been 98 today.  My Dad’s birthday is the 21st and he would be 99.  Mom passed away in 2007 at the age of 88 (and just a few weeks before her 89th birthday).  Dad passed in 1988 at the age of 71.

They were a strong couple who had their ups and downs like everyone.  They were both hard workers, strong willed, and wanted more for their children that they were able to secure for themselves.  They were both hard workers.  Dad often worked two full-time jobs to make it through the lay-offs that occurred so frequently in the automotive business of the 50’s and 60’s.  Mom, having had rheumatic fever twice, was forced to be careful about how much physical labor she did and still managed to pull off taking care of her home and working to help provide for all the extras she wanted for her children.

They were so excited when their first grandchild arrived and I recall our drive to Washington DC in 1967 where my brother was stationed in the Air Force in order to spend time with her.  Vacations were rare and mom worked hard to pinch pennies that she would save for these travels.  And they were very excited about this first little girl of theirs.

They were good parents and I miss them.  I’m sure they are spending their time together in heaven with Mom and her questioning of whatever he was doing with the often heard, “Now Michael! followed by a question of “are you sure?”, is that the right way to do it?, etc. ”  And Dad’s likely ignoring her and continuing to do what he planned, then taking some time (by himself)  to rabbit hunt with his beagles.

Happy Birthdays you two!  You are greatly loved and sorely missed by your family.

1967 (3) _ Mike Teague; Michelle Teague; Drucilla Teague
1967 – Mike & Drucilla Teague with their first grandchild, Michelle Anne. Look at their smiles!!!