Settling in . .

I arrived on Saturday and was checked into my new home.  Here are a few pictures of the “bunk” house.

bunk house

Bunk House back yard Bunk House front yard  This is the Bunk House.











A view from the living room looking out back and out front.

The picnic table is in the front.



We are in a transition period where the folks who worked April, May and June are leaving and the new volunteers who will work July, August & September are arriving.  I was given a temporary room but am moving into my permanent one today (good news is that it’s in the same house on the same floor!)

The first few days of work have been enjoyable.  I was acquainted with totem pole carving and history, sea otters, and native beading. The visitor center has master crafters who come in to do beading and wood carving. We are located right on the waterfront which is a sight to behold. We can also watch the commercial plane (one a day) as it comes in to land. Besides learning about the crafts of the area, it seems 80% of my job is about meeting new people, and talking with them. The “store” and I use that term loosely (there is a counter and one revolving rack of offerings). It’s more of an accommodation for visitors wants and needs than a business. The park rangers are extremely knowledgeable and could not be nicer.  Here is a few random pics of the area.

Ranger Cassie and Abaloneus



This is Ranger James on the right and Ranger Cassie on the right.  Cassie is holding a stuffed sea otter whose name is Abaloneus.



Sitka NP VC looking at front door  SNP View from VC

This is the Visitor Center at Sitka National Park.  On the right I am looking at the main door and the left looking from the main door.


The inland harbor at Sitka




The inland harbor.  You can see the cruise ship just across the rock wall.