Thoughts on 9-11 . .


As we all know, last Friday marked 14 years since 9-11. Has it really been only 14 years? Why does it feel like so much longer? I wonder if events of such devastating magnitude are like that. Once you have experienced them they are too painful to remember and they must be placed in the deepest parts of our memories. When I think about my children, it seems I always comment that it seems that they were just born yesterday. Forty years passed by in a blur!

But these years were happy years (or mostly so) and comprehensible in small pieces. The acts on 9-11 on the other hand was a moment that was incomprehensible. How do we process an event of this magnitude? It feels like it should be 50 years ago and not just 14 years. So much devastation and pain happened in moments that will never be forgotten. Those who were far away (too far away to take an active part) were left to process the pain of it all when they could do nothing except pray for those involved.

I wonder, was that what it was like for those who experienced the devastation of war? Is that how it feels for those who have suffered travesties beyond our imagination?

For all those directly affected, I send my prayers. For those who could and did help, for all the service providers, and for all the police, fire and clergy, I send my gratitude. I know they were all affected, and continue to be affected, beyond my ability to comprehend.

Peace and Blessings to you all.